Patient Review By Kailah E

I was a walk-in patient in need of care for a broken tooth and got the surprise of my Life, they were able to save my tooth. The services at SL Dental are great! The staff and Dr’s are very warm, caring, friendly, and inviting. Here at SL Dental they have general dentistry as well as they are a specialty group which is what I was in need of and I initially liked. At SL Dental they will take care of all of your needs including orthodontics and regular care and maintenance of your teeth. SL Dental gives individual care and helps you to understand the nature of the condition of your teeth and how to maintain a healthy smile for years to come they also make your visits fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend SL Dental to my friends and family for their great services. SL Dental helps you keep a healthy smile for life. Thank you SL Dental!

- Kailah E

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