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All-on-6 is a revolutionary and consolidated procedure for those missing teeth. This innovative treatment involves anchoring a full arch prosthesis to the jaw with six dental implants, ensuring long lasting strength and stability. Performed for over 20 years on thousands of patients, All-on-6 is a trusted, affordable, and time-efficient alternative to traditional dentures.

Advantages Over Dentures

While dentures must be removed for daily cleaning and replaced or regularly reshaped, All-on-6 is a durable, permanent solution that ensures patients can eat, smile and laugh naturally and without constraint. Furthermore, All-on-6 patients do not experience the gum tissue irritability often caused by dentures.

All-on-6 Benefits

  • Convenience of no dietary restrictions
  • Comfortable, customized fit
  • One day treatment
  • No need for bone graft
  • Full-arch restoration
  • Long term outcomes
  • Immediate function with a fixed provisional bridge
  • None of the denture disadvantages
  • Increased confidence!
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Is All-on-6 a good option for me?

There are a number of factors to keep in mind as you’re considering restoring your smile with the All-on-6:

Missing Teeth

Since the All-on-6 involves a full-arch prosthesis, any remaining teeth must be extracted, so ideal candidates have already lost most of their teeth. However, if you do have teeth that are still intact, they can be easily removed during the implant surgery. We would be happy to explain the process during your visit.

Good Health

As is the case with any surgery, the better your overall health, the quicker the recovery and the lower the likelihood of infection. When considering your oral health in particular, it is important that your jaw has enough bone density and volume because the titanium posts of All-on-6 implants act as roots for your new teeth and so require an adequate amount of support. The good news is that even if you have lost some bone, the implants can often be placed in a part of your jaw that still has sufficient bone structure. We can easily evaluate your mouth and determine the health of your jaw and if All-on-6 would be best for you.

The All-on-6 Process

Thanks to decades of research and advancement in the latest technology, All-on-6 is a consolidated procedure, so the process is quite quick. This minimally invasive dental implant solution involves the extraction of any remaining teeth, a thorough cleaning of your mouth, the placement of each implant, an additional cleaning, and suturing all in one surgery. Afterward, you will walk out the door with a temporary set of prosthetics attached to the implants for the period of time that you are healing. We will then periodically meet with you over the next six months to ensure perfect fit and comfort.

We are restoring smiles in record time and changing lives every day with All-on-6. We encourage you to call our friendly team at 888-270-0610 x5 and get started on your journey to restored oral health today!

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